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Trashy Food

So, ya know sometimes when you’re in a hurry and hungry and just NEED SOMETHING TO EAT RIGHT. NOW. And it doesn’t really matter what it is? I have ye a solution! Pasta! It’s about the trashiest food you can make, but it’s quick, cheap, and you can make up a bowl using things already in your pantry or freezer (thus, no fresh vegetables that can spoil before you use them.)

Yesterday, I made cheater tuna casserole, but the same principle can be applied to make a variety of things: pasta, sauce, meat, veggies. It’s not pretty folks, but it’s good food, quick.

For my cheater tuna casserole, I cooked up some rotini pasta. Right before the pasta was done, I put in about 1/2 cup of frozen peas and let the peas and pasta cook inthe same water. Then I drained it and added a can of tuna and about a cup of jarred alfredo sauce. Finish with some fresh cracked pepper and some grated parmesan, and you have yourself a meal.

Here are just a couple of ideas to make some stick-to-your-ribs food in a flash!

Pasta Sauce Meat Veggies
Cheater Tuna Casserole Rotini Alfredo sauce (jarred) Tuna Frozen peas
Chili Mac Macaroni Leftover chili Kidney beans Canned diced tomatoes
Vegetarian Chili Rice Canned diced tomatoes Black beans Frozen spinach
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Fettuccine Alfredo sauce Chicken (canned or leftover) Canned mushrooms

Frozen broccoli

Shrimp Pesto Linguine Linguine Pesto (from a jar!) Shrimp Sliced grape tomatoes
Cheater Lasagne Egg noodles Marinara (jarred) Ground beef

Cottage cheese

Canned mushrooms

Frozen spinach

Happy eating!


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Hot Sauce

Let’s start with something easy. Any self-respecting Texas girl has a recipe for fabulous, authentic Tex-Mex Salsa. But here, we just call it “hot sauce.” (Or sometimes? Hot Sass! Love that!) It is served mostly with tortilla chips, although it is equally delicious on scrambled eggs, burritos, on any kind of Mexican food.

Now, this is a basic recipe for basic hot sauce. It doesn’t have foo-foo in it. You are welcome to add foo-foo as you see fit, but if you are anything like me, you will probably have it eaten before you can even mutter “cilantro.”

Now enough gabbing, on to the recipe.

Get yourself about 6 medium tomatoes, about 4 jalapeno peppers, and a can of diced tomatoes. Throw your fresh tomatoes and your jalapenos in a pot of water and “boil the shit out of them.” (Pardon my language, but that’s the recipe as given to me by my Mexican-American friend. It’s clearly been passed down several generations, and we do not mess with perfection.) Don’t bother to wash or trim them — just throw them in a pot of water. Boil your veggies about 20 minutes or so, until they’re all mushy and the jalapenos have turned a lovely olive-green color.

After they are sufficiently mushy, drain off the water and remove the skins from the tomatoes. Put half the fresh tomatoes and half the canned tomatoes in a food processor with ONE jalapeno. Pulse them all together till everything is chopped up, then taste. Keep adding either tomatoes or jalapenos until you get to the level of heat you like.

That’s it, sista! Like I said, you can foo-foo it to your heart’s content, adding garlic, cilantro, onion, lime juice, etc., but I prefer it just plain. That is the real deal, and what you will be served if you ever have the opportunity to eat at an authentic hole-in-the-wall Tex-Mex restaurant. I usually make 2 batches, one for DH (not so spicy) and one for myself (muy caliente!). Enjoy!

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