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Finally finished up ALL the shopping & wrapping, thanks in part to a healthy dose of amazon.com. I am so all about online shopping. I wish they would offer more free shipping, but it beats having to fight the crowds at The Godforsaken Mall. Now all that’s left is cookery!

Mr Fab & I will spend Christmas Eve at his parent’s house, Christmas brunch at my mom’s house, and Christmas Day lunch at my grandparents’ house. Whew! I think I gained 5 pounds just thinking about all that yummy food. Most of the big cooking will be done by mom, MIL, and grandma, but we are still making goodies to take.

Today, I made white chocolate covered pretzel candy (I’m sure it has a name; we just call it YUMM). Tomorrow, we are making candied pecans, cinnamon rolls, stuffed mushrooms, and (God help me) a pecan pie. I really don’t have the patience to do much pie-baking, what with the crust and the filling and the baking. Uh. It makes me need to eat cookies. (The kind that come already baked!) But Mr Fab is actually quite an accomplished baker, and this is his genius idea, so I’m going to let him take the reigns on it.

In other news…I did a little bit of housecleaning today…some laundry and general containment of the clutter. And I vacuumed. God help me, but I do love to vacuum! It gives me such great joy! I think everyone has their household bugaboo, like the one thing they just cannot tolerate. You can pile magazines & bills up to the rafters and I won’t bat an eye, but I DO NOT want to see any schmutz on the carpet. I love the noise the vacuum makes and the lovely little tracks it makes on the carpet. I even love the word vacuum. I heart vacuuming.

I also love my own special home made version of Carpet Fresh. I can’t deal with store-bought carpet fresh; the fragrances they put in it are seriously noxious. So I make my own out of baking soda & Bath & Body Works body spray! I know, is that ghetto or what!? (All my smell-goods around the house are the Midnight Pomegranate smell from B&BW, but I don’t like actually wearing the scent.) (I’m sure if you’re not quite as tacky as I am, you can use any sort of smell-good you like, be it essential oils or, God forbid, some sort of made-for-your-house room spray!) So, I fill a glass jar about halfway full with baking soda & pour about a tablespoon of body splash into it and mix it around. Then I punch holes in the lid of the jar, either with nails or a small drill, and use it as a shaker. Shake it all around the carpet, then go visit the Wal-Mart or chase after your kids, or just sit and listen to your own thoughts for five dang minutes, God Almighty, the point is to let us sit and soak up the dog-kid-husband odors in the carpet. Then vacuum (ah there it is again!) it all up and you are good to go. It’s basically free, non-toxic, and it matches the smell of your house already. So get after it already!

Happy Monday, y’all!


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Five Link Friday

Since I’m the boss around here and can make up the rules, I’m going to start posting links to other websites on Fridays so you can have some way to spend your free time on the weekend! (Those of you who have free time. Those of you with chirren, I understand!) So on Fridays I will post 5 links — something frugal, some sort of cookery, something around the house (cleaning or decorating), something FABULOUS, and something involving alcohol.

(Yep, a fabulous, miserly alcoholic who likes to cook & clean. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell!)

(These rules are, of course, subject to change if I feel like it!) 😛

Here we go!

Frugal: Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes – this is another great Christmas gift idea (how fun in the stockings or for a teacher gift?)
Cooking: Pasta alla Vodka from The Pioneer Woman Cooks – looks awesome!
House & Home: Modern Record Bowls – What a cute idea! I’m thinking of making some for my sister-in-law’s Christmas
Fabulous!: The White Hat Shop – a cute vintage postcard shop owned by a friend of mine.
Alcoholic: 10 Holiday Cocktails – from Southern Living – I can’t wait to try some of these!

Enjoy & have a FABULOUS weekend!

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I will admit it. I am definitely domestically reclined when it comes to cleaning! Sometimes the only time I pick up the house is when the Domino’s man comes to bring dinner. (Okay so apparently I am a little reclined in the cooking department too! I get an A for effort, all right??)

I hate cleaning. I have far funner things to be doing that scrubbing and wiping all day! So my brand of cleaning is kind of accidental cleaning — like it happens when I’m doing other things. One of my favorite tips is for keeping a clean bathtub & shower, and I, being fabulous, will share it with you.

I keep a small travel-sized shampoo bottle filled with Dawn dish detergent and a scrubbie sponge in my shower. (Keep both of these items away from DH and any chirren you got living at home!) About once a week (or more, if you’re industrious), squirt some Dawn on your sponge and scrub down the walls at the end of your shower. It really takes no effort at all — the yuck & muck is all softened up from your shower and since you are already standing under water, it doesn’t matter if you fling soap everywhere. Do a quick wipe-down of your shower walls once a week, squeegee off the water the other 6 days, and you are good to go!

Happy showering!

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