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Frugal & Fabulous

With the economy being as it is in the crapper, it’s time to think of some fabulous and thrifty Christmas presents. For my coworkers this year, I am making cookie kits. They are so cute and about $3 per person! (Shh. Don’t tell my office girls.) A great idea for teachers, babysitters, hairdresser, etc., etc., etc.! Here we go!

First, I bought a prepackaged cookie mix (Hey, we’re trying to be fabulous here! We don’t have time to be making cookies from scratch!) and punched a small hole in the top.


Then I found some cute Christmas cookie cutters & spatulas. (At K-Mart! For $3 for 2 spatulas or 5 cookie cutters! Plus 30% off!) You could also use wooden spoons (cheap!) or measuring cups/spoons. Cookie cutter & Santa spatula

I then attached one cookie cutter and a spatula to each bag of cookies with curling ribbon.Viola! Super cute! Cheap! Semi-homemade!

Fishished product

Some other good ideas for frugal Christmas presents:
– A travel kit with a sleep mask, earplugs, nail file, Tide pen, band-aids, etc.
– A coffee cup filled with cocoa, tea, and
Here are some great “gifts in a jar”

Remember, it really is the thought that counts! Even a small candle or scented lotion means a lot when it comes with a handwritten card or note. Economy be damned — let’s have the most fabulous Christmas ever!

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